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Our Premier Services

Training Presentations

The cornerstone of the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group is our ability to deliver unmatched training for mitigating active threats encountered in workplaces, classrooms, and public spaces.  From the countless employees, teachers, and everyday citizens, to the elite tactical operators we have had the privilege to train over the decades, we are rooted in understanding how to deliver comprehensive and progressive training that resonates and provides durable value.  We collaborate with our clients to design programming tailored to the client’s enterprise standards, risk spectrum, and institutional culture.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides the unparalleled professional expertise to empower and prepare the most valued asset…people.

Risk Assessments

A tenet to a safe and secure facility is understanding the dynamics of its structural limitations, operational environment, and technical vulnerabilities, relative to risk and threat resiliency.  PerSec Academy & Advisory Group risk assessments evaluate and analyze these dynamics and support clients with detailed and substantive findings for active threat incident avoidance and mitigation.  Unlike general security assessments offered by many companies intended for product and technology placement, our evaluations focus, in part, on maximizing value of existing controllable measures, identifying operational gaps, and assessing culture practices.  From critical infrastructure facilities to national landmarks, we serve our clients with expansive professional experience and the same sense of duty we held when protecting our nation’s assets.

Tabletop Exercises

PerSec Academy & Advisory Group’s premier tabletop exercises are custom developed and designed to enhance enterprise resiliency for each of our clients.  Starting with a comprehensive and detailed client risk analysis, our expert facilitators assist our clients to identify and assess institutional risk factors and capability thresholds for evaluation.  Our extensive and global experience in facilitating professional tabletop exercises allows us to leverage our real-world practice and offer insight into directing effective and solution-oriented dialog within a non-stressful and informal environment.  From C-Suite leadership to front-line management development, the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides our clients with the validation structure and framework for enhancing organizational resiliency.

Micro Functional Workshops

Moving beyond a presentation setting, the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group conducts tailored Micro Functional Workshops.  These hands-on workshops are developed and conducted conveniently at and within the client’s location and operational areas.  Ideal for practical learning and confidence building, Micro Functional Workshops serve to build synergy in understanding environmental conditions, individual cognition and circumstance processing, coupled with physical applications of individual threat mitigation strategies.  From teachers to healthcare professionals to soldiers, the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides real solutions for workplace violence mitigation.

Security Guard Response Training

Far too often institutions assume security guards are trained and prepared to effectively respond to a catastrophic incident within their facilities.  The reality indicates otherwise.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group recognizes and understands the dynamic challenges and occupational difficulties private security guards are faced with should a response to an active threat be required.  From threat recognition and prompt accurate reporting to executing standard operational procedures, we provide a comprehensive training spectrum, in custom programs, to build and improve practical skill-sets and response effectiveness.  PerSec Academy & Advisory Group’s critical incident training expertise will provide the readiness posture necessary for the demands your security guards face today.

Policy Development

The foundation of an institution’s practices are the living policies and supporting directives designed to maintain enterprise continuity and structure.  PerSec Academy & Advisory Group understands the significance and value of well drafted policies addressing workplace violence and associated emergency procedures.  Our policy review and development services provide our clients with keen insight for drafting and updating effective and comprehensive policies to meet today’s growing risk spectrum.  From schools to hotels and entertainment venues, the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group professional experts will help develop sound policies that move beyond generic and outdated content.

Human Resources/Special Consultation

Human resource professionals, in all industries and verticals, are faced with complex risks associated with growing workplace violence trends.  From potential high risk terminations to employee bullying policies, history reminds us a workplace incident can directly impact an institution’s market position and legacy.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group offers specialized and expert consultation that includes avoidance and preventative strategies such as professional threat analysis, comprehensive background inquires, occupational culture reviews, and grievance mitigation planning.

Executive/Leadership Briefings

Managing risk in the modern world has become complex. Leading people in these challenging times requires streams of actionable information and intelligence for enterprise resiliency and strategic growth.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides exclusive leadership briefings detailing the risk landscape of workplace violence trends and respective industry impact analysis.  Our specialized focus provides clients with an uncommon perspective and insight few can offer.  For institutions moving to develop or update their enterprise risk posture, starting with PerSec Academy & Advisory Group leadership briefings will provide the roadmap to help avoid the consequences and lasting effects of acute targeted violence.

Full Scale Validation Exercises

PerSec Academy & Advisory Group’s vast experience in regularly developing and administering full scale field training exercises, within the highest levels of government response, anchors our deep foundation to effectively serve our clients in this capacity.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides private institutions, companies, and schools, full scalable exercise services to support coordinated preparedness testing and response capacities.  We collaborate with our clients from concept to clean-up to provide safe and comprehensive programming from compartmentalized and micro evaluations to full macro spectrum validation.  Our real-time and real-life lessons learned serve our clients with a professional perspective and dimension few can claim.

Threat Assessment Guidance

PerSec Academy & Advisory Group provides expert guidance and consultation in the development and management of threat assessment teams and collectives for schools and industry.  The practice of identifying and evaluating a threat, or perceived threat, or concerning behavior within an organization is not only challenging but can also be a formidable task in its component development and formalization.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group can support and guide the implementation of an interdisciplinary threat assessment collective and the valued intervention prevention strategies they provide.

Crisis Recovery Assistance

Managing the immediate aftermath of a targeted mass attack is rarely thought of let alone planned by institutions.  Even common business continuity plans don’t include guidance for a recovery process required for such a traumatic event.  PerSec Academy & Advisory Groups’s unparalleled professional experience in managing and recovering from unprecedented U.S. terrorism attacks and national critical incidents, can support the broad recovery process and help leaders manage the delicate circumstances associated with the incident.  The PerSec Academy & Advisory Group will immediately serve the sensitive needs of guiding the priorities of employee and family assistance, community outreach impact, incident stabilization, and liaison/communication management.  This is a service we take no satisfaction in offering. We would be remiss, however knowing all the lessons learned from our own personal critical incidents, if we failed to help others manage in their time of need.